A Beloved Story

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We start our blog with our story on how we've started Beloved Creatives, and this is definitely a wonderful trip down to memory lane, that started two years ago. Wait, let's backtrack even more.
Once upon a time, there was a family that lived in a broken world. Everyone had a concept of what they wanted in life, and they all tried to live together and love one another but had a clash of ideals. It was a family that was broken in terms of loving and understanding. But one beautiful, unexpected day, the Lord Jesus Christ came knocking on this household, and let His Love shine bright, that it changed this family's life altogether. He first touched one heart. Then, another saw the change in the first one, that she also followed suit. And then it was a domino effect that God's goodness was so evident in this family's life, that when they let Jesus in their family, their family started to forgive one another, and love one another. Understanding was something that was a gift from above, too. This family was truly transformed by the Love of the Beloved, Jesus Christ.
As the family is in the printing business, it's always been about creativity and production. There's always the creative side and the production side, and as we have been blessed with hardworking siblings ( a wonderful, supportive mom, and a great legacy that my father has left us ), we have learned throughout the years to be a team, with Jesus being our team leader and boss.
As we have been printing stuff here and there, my sister Straw just started making inspiration artwork and Bible verses that she test printed, and gave out to people. We found it really nice and started to print more. After all, we had the machinery to do it. We loved giving Bible verse cards away that we  gave it away to people we'd meet! Straw was on a roll and started making more until we came up with our first Love Notes from God set, a pack of 25 Bible verse cards, and we made a cute pie-like packaging for it in two variants - in teal, and pink. We started selling it to family and friends, and what we loved most about it is that people started having that intentionality to cheer and encourage someone up with a Bible verse - God's beautiful words, that is.
After two years, just this year, we've met up and brainstormed on what we can do to further expand the line and even bring more shoutouts of God's Love to the world. After all, we go back to the why's of why we started doing this - we know why. That's why we are moving forward. We're so grateful for the divine downloads, and the amazing, talented artists that we have worked with in this process of making more products to open In The Beloved.
So now, what's next? Right now we're doing our best to make new products next year, but for now, here's our Holiday offering for you guys - two new variants of Love Notes (encouragements and promises), two devotional cards ( I had a blast making them all the way!), decal stickers (they're the coolest! I love sticking marks of inspiration in any surface!), notepads (the cutest), and our bookmarks! We hope that you can find something you like and to share.