Our Story


In The Beloved PH is a family business inspired by our faith journey. Along the way, as we said yes to God's invitation to rekindle our relationship with Him, we gave our life to Jesus back in 2014 and started building a relationship with God and the people around us. From a place of love, we sought to share the Good News. One of the challenges we encountered was that  it’s not always easy to start a conversation about Jesus and you’re not always prepared or have the tools to disciple and encourage people. All we wanted at that time was to share the word of God the way we can. 

Our family runs a printing business. We saw an opportunity to maximize our printing resources by designing Bible verse cards of encouragement and that speak of God's love. We started sharing these small cards to every person we could possibly meet! We also gave them as gifts to our families and friends- for their own personal use or even to encourage them to share God’s Word. When eating out, we also wanted to bless the staff by including these cards along with the tips we leave. 

As the designs add up, we decided to house this mini-collection of Bible verse cards into a pack called Love Notes from God


At In The Beloved PH, our mission is to be able to advocate for God’s love and spread His love through His word.

We hope that we can be part of your faith journey through our inspired products so that you can continue to have a deepened and meaningful relationship with God and the people around you!


Love Notes From God is a collection of well-curated bible verses designed to remind you that you are loved and not alone in whatever season you are in.

We decided to sell them to make them more accessible to our fellow Christians. We also made it handy and easy to carry as a reminder of God's love.

From printing them one design at a time, we are now intentionally printing them to encourage and comfort our fellow Christians one Love Note at a time